Newborn Session

I prefer to photograph newborns when they are about 6 – 10 days old because the are still real flexible and super sleepy. It’s also good to dress newborns lightly so we don’t have to disturb them to much when we have to undress them. This session usually last 2-3 hours. Its best to have both parents at newborn session. Parents should bring black long sleeved shirt and/or black tank top for Mom. This session includes 15 to 20 edited images.

Please allow one  to two weeks for editing your images.

All sessions include shooting time in the studio or on-location.

Newborn Checklist:

  • lots of diapers and wipes
  • extra blankets
  • a pacifiers (this is very helpful if they take one)
  • a bottle with breastmilk or formula (this saves a ton of time if we can be able to just feed them the bottle instead of nursing)
  • a black long sleeve shirt and/or blank tank top for mom.

Children and Baby Session

The best age to photograph babies is 6-8 months old. This is the age where they are sitting on their own but not yet crawling. So they won’t be able to get away from me. The next age that is very popular is one year olds. It would be great if you could bring a birthday cake for them to dig into at the end when their attention span has left the building! I like to schedule these sessions after naptime.

Baby Checklist:

  • a couple of cute outfits
  • any cute hats or accessories you might have
  • a cupcake or a birthday cake for one year olds
  • for boys bring a few pairs of pants/shorts/jeans
  • a snack and a drink
  • a favorite toy from home that makes them happy
  • a favorite book/blanket/stuffed animal

Family Session

Clothing recommendations and accessories:

Try to layer your clothing to add texture and life to your pictures. Try to bring accessories like hats, scarfs, ties, belts and blanket with texture for newborns. Also if your child is into any activities like skateboarding, karate, guitar etc. feel free to bring those as well. We do have hats and other accessories in our studio for you to use.

Store suggestions:

Old Navy, Gap, Gymboree, The Children’s Place, and Janie & Jack.



joy - July 28, 2013 - 9:18 pm

Please do not ask questions here, I may not see them. Please to go the menu bar under contact and send me a message. It will go straight to my email that I check everyday. Hope to hear from you soon! Thank you!

joy - July 26, 2013 - 5:42 pm

Hello, I just saw your message, sorry for the late response. If you go to investments on the menu bar. It list all of my prices and details. If you would like to schedule a session just let me know! Thank you!

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